Melanie Schmidt

“Your dream is realistic. It’s your I can’t that’s not realistic.”

Hello world! My name is Melanie. Nice to meet you!

I am theater producer, director and actor. Recently in Mary Poppins,  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Shrek the Musical.  Recently at the 2021 MACT*Fest Competition produced and directed the award winning production,  “How to Host a Murder Mystery Dinner Party (In Fifteen Simple Steps), as well as produced and directed Hairspray, the Broadway Musical and Disney’s High School Musical on Stage.  I earned my degree at the University of Minnesota Duluth in Theater and Film in 2014.  Two years later I founded Stage and Spotlights Community Theatre in order to save a production after it was canceled and have been producing and directing ever since. 

I am also a content creator.  I love filmmaking, editing and photography! I’ve been acting, editing and capturing videography/ photography for the last 15 years. For the past 7 years specifically, I have been managing a variety of social media platforms and have earned HubSpot’s Social Media Marketing Certification alongside the Google Analytics IQ Certification. Recently, working on  Mary Poppins Teaser Trailer, promotional footage for Stage and Spotlights and Papi is a Queen (Drag Queen Web Series).

Celebrating diversity and inclusion are a priority to me.  ✊🏾🏳️‍🌈

Hairspray 2017

You can’t stop the BEAT

Pictures of recent projects


Branzoe, Eden Prairie, 2023

Coggins, Inventor, Morris Person

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, 2022
River Valley Theatre Company

Evil Queen,  Camera Operator, Makeup Artist

“Guardian of Aegora” Feature Film, 2021

Theater Work

  • Mary Poppins
    Core Ensemble, Videographer
    Prior Lake Players, 2023
  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
    Coggins, Morris Person, Inventor
    River Valley Theatre Company, 2022
  • How to Host a Murder Mystery Dinner Party 
    Director, Producer, Scenic 
    Stage and Spotlights, 2021
  • Shrek the Musical (Gooden)
    Producer, Tweedle Dee
    River Valley Theater Company, 2019
  • Acting and Monologue Training
    Actor, (Workshop)
    Self-Reliant Actor, 2019

Theater Work

  • Grease the Musical Review (Kearcher)
    Co-Director,  Lady
    Dylan Kearcher Entertainment, 2017
  • Beauty and the Beast the Musical Review
    Dylan Kearcher Entertainment, 2017
  • Hairspray, The Broadway Musical
    Director, Producer, Scenic
    Stage and Spotlights, 2017
  • Disney’s High School Musical
    Director, Producer, Scenic, Thespian
    Stage and Spotlights, 2016
  • Black Coffee (David Coral)
    Light Board Operator
    Theatre in the Round, 2015
  • A Thousand Clowns (Dona Freeman)
    Lights, Scenic
    Theatre in the Round, 2015

Theater Work

  • Charlotte’s Web (Dunning and Gillis)
    Prior Lake Players, 2015
  • The Farnsworth Invention (Lynn Musgrave)
    Stage Manager, Lights, Scenic
    Theatre in the Round, 2015
  • Don’t Drink the Water (Ben Kutschied)
    Stage Manager, Lights, Scenic
    Theatre in the Round, 2015
  • Black Tie (Liz Neerland)
    Lights, Scenic
    Theatre in the Round, 2015
  • Importance of Being Earnest
    The Dudley Experimental Theater, 2014
  • Damn Yankees (Ann Bergeron)
    ASM, Hair & Makeup
    Marshall Performing Arts Center, 2014

Film Work

  • Mary Poppins Promo Video
    Videographer, Editor
    Prior Lake Players 2023
  • How to Host a Murder Mystery Dinner Party Promo Video
    Videographer, Editor
    Stage and Spotlights, 2021
  • Gaurdian of Aegora | Feature Film
    Evil Queen
    Creativity Lies Within LLC, 2020-21

Film Work

  • Papi is a Queen | YouTube Drag Web Series
    Videographer, Editor
    Papi is a Queen LLC, 2019
  • Social Media Live Videos
    Videographer, Host
    Walt Life, 2019
  • Shrek the Musical Promo Video
    Videographer, Editor
    River Valley Theatre Company, 2019
  • Earth Beings | Short Film
    Videographer, Editor, Sky 1 & 2
    Film North, 2019

Film Work

  • Hairspray Promo Videos
    Director, Editor, Writer
    Stage and Spotlights, 2017
  • Disney’s High School Musical Promo Video
    Director, Editor
    Stage and Spotlights, 2016
  • Theatre People Web Series | Season 3
    Theater People, 2015
  • Professional Wireless Communications AD
    Videographer, Editor
    Professional Wireless Communications, 2015

Vocal Work

  • Twin Cities Vocal Arts
    Vocal Lessons (Training)
    (Seasonal) 2016 – Present

Vocal Work

  • Second Annual Musicians Get Together
    Soloist, Ensemble
    Drew Hasty Entertainment, 2017

Vocal Work

  • Voice Acting Expo
    Actor School of Voiceover
    April – June 2016

Circus & Dance Work

  • Unicycle Lessons  
    Unicycle Instructor
    Twin Cities Trapeze Center, 2022

Dance Work

  • Latin Fushion Competition Team
    Demure Dance, 2022

Dance Work

  • Salsa and Bachata Lessons
    Demure Dance, 2019-22


Excellence in Acting

Stage and Spotlights Community Theatre was given two acting awards at the MACT*Fest competition in 2021 for How to Host a Murder Mystery Dinner Party (In Fifteen Simple Steps).


Arrowhead Award

Nominated for excellent service, leadership, event planning, videography and founding the first ever gender inclusive Sports Club, called the Quidditch Club.


Kirby Leadership Certificate

Achieved cultural and leadership competency by fulfilling specialized coursework, attended several emerging leadership workshops and completed 500+ hours of volunteering.